Core Set 2020 Theme Booster - Set of 5

Core Set 2020 Theme Booster - Set of 5

Upgrade your deck with Theme Boosters!  Each pack contains 35 cards, all of one colour, so you can either enhance your already-built decks, or just add 25 land for a full deck right away!

Each theme booster contains:

  • 35 Core Set 2020 cards-all of one colour
  • Includes (at least) 1 Mythic or Rare card

Buy all 5 together online, or visit the store to purchase individually.

Core Set 2020 has made its return, offering Magic: The Gathering players a 280-card set made up of both reprinted and brand new Standard-Legal cards. Chandra Nalaar spearheads the set bringing her fire and ferocity to ignite the excitement in Magic: The Gathering players worldwide as we prepare for a new Standard Cycle and Core Set 2020! 

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