The Lord Of The Rings Set # 2 - Five coins from Middle-Earth

The Lord Of The Rings Set # 2 - Five coins from Middle-Earth

Five real metal coins from the realms of Hobbits, Elves and Men

Coins in this set:

Rivendell Moon - A nickel silver coin depicting the valley of Rivendell and the two ancient trees of gold and silver, this coin was made in Imladris during the rule of Elrond.

Lake-Town 2-Ducat - Made of nickel silver and minted shortly before the town's destruction by the dragon Smaug, this coin depicts the Master of Lake-Town.

Shire Half-Crown - Minted the same year Bilbo settled in Rivendell, this brass coin features a chestnut tree and the inscription "Shire, Abode of the Hobbits."

Harad Iron Mûmak - From the southern Harad, this iron coin depicts a battle-ready Oliphaunt and the inscription "Palan Harad," meaning "Far Harad."

Isengard Red Hand of Saruman - The copper coin used by minions of the Dark Lord.  It depicts the eye of Sauron and Saruman's commanding hand.  Around it is the inscription "Obey Mordor."


Made using antique coin presses and traditional pressing methods Shire Post Mint offers customers the feeling of an authentic historical artifact passed down through the ages. 

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