Pokemon TCG- 2018 World Championship Decks

Pokemon TCG- 2018 World Championship Decks

Step into the shoes of a Pokemon Champion! 

Choose between four of the world's greatest Pokemon players decks with card-for-card replica's from the 2018 World Championships in Nashville, Tennessee!!

Each Deck Includes: 
  • 60-card deck (different card backing, not tournament legal) 
  • 2018 World Championships Booklet 
  • 2018 World Championship Deck Box
  • 2018 World Championship Collectible Pin
  • Code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online 

Selections Include: 

  • Senior Champion: Magnus Pedersen's Garbanette Deck featuring Banette-GX
  • Masters Champion: Robin Schulz's Victory Map Deck featuring Zoroark-GX 
  • Masters Semifinalist: Pedro Eugenio Torres' Dragones Y Sombras Deck featuring Rayquaza-GX 
  • Junior Chamion: Naohito Inoue's Buzzroc Deck featuring Buzzwole-GX 

Collect all for and learn the skills and strategies it takes to be a World Champion Pokemon Player! 



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